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Fiona Meldrum

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

"My research interests fall under the general category of materials chemistry, and are particularly focused on crystal growth."

Research impact

Impact is at the heart of all the research activities we undertake in the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences at Leeds. We aim to use our knowledge and expertise to improve the world we live in and understand more about it.

Below are a few examples of the research we are undertaking across our four academic schools and the impact it has had.

School of Chemistry
Mimicking natural evolution with ‘promiscuous reactions’ to improve the diversity of drugs.

School of Physics and Astronomy
Gold nanotubes launch a three-pronged attack on cancer cells

School of Mathematics
Simulation software assists leading UK inkjet companies in technology development

School of Food Science and Nutrition
Caffeine intake during pregnancy: impact on national guidance

School of Physics and Astronomy
From quantum physics to clinical devices: Quantum imaging set to change the way that heart disease is diagnosed