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David Bradley-Williams

PhD Pure Mathematics - currently in second year

"The project sounded interesting with lots of different aspects to it. It involved algebra and combinatorics and it had this edgy mathematical logic to it which was quite exciting to me."

Postgraduate support

All our postgraduate research students have the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills during their project. Whilst the majority of subject-specific support and training is provided within individual departments, the Graduate School has an important role to play in areas that transcend subject boundaries (e.g. generic skills training) or where provision of a larger critical mass is important.

The Graduate School;

  • Co-ordinates the provision of postgraduate researcher skills training

  • Promotes the interaction between PhD students in different Schools and Departments

  • Administers a selection of University Research Scholarships

  • Promotes best practice in the support and monitoring of postgraduate research students

Details of what you can expect as a postgraduate research student at the University of Leeds can be found in the Code of Practice for Research Degree Candidatures Protocol

PhD student Regiane Scharf

“I am passionate about food, research and new technologies. My PhD project is concerned with potato bruising. I am working to identify the most tolerate potato variety in order to improve crop yields for farmers and reduce the volume of annual waste which amounts to nearly 12 million tonnes per year.”

Regiane Scharf, PhD student
Food Science and Nutrition