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Ash, Mrs Lai Y346323.18 ChemistryL.Ash @ adm.leeds.ac.ukFaculty Senior Finance Clerk
Baldwin, Mr Adam C358751.12 Lifton VillasA.C.Baldwin @ leeds.ac.ukTrainee Faculty Buyer
Brannan, Miss Cecilia M364923.19 ChemistryC.M.Brannan @ leeds.ac.ukPersonal Assistant
Burns, Miss Jo L334671.12 Lifton VillasJ.L.Burns @ leeds.ac.ukSenior Faculty Buyer
Burton, Mr Matthew306953.33 Chemical & Process Engineeringm.burton @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Marketing Officer
Cain, Miss Lauren340453.33 Chemical & Process EngineeringL.Cain @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Marketing Assistant
Chapman, Mrs Cindy A365763.20 ChemistryC.A.Chapman @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Finance Manager
Crabtree, Mrs Louise365113.27 ChemistryL.Crabtree @ leeds.ac.ukWP/Schools Liaison Officer
Craven, Mrs Christina P391233.28 ChemistryC.P.Craven @ adm.leeds.ac.ukFaculty HR Manager
Dodds, Mr John T338928.207 Physics Research DeckJ.T.Dodds @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty IT Manager
Faria, Mrs Rita389823.18 ChemistryR.Faria @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Finance Assistant
Frame, Mr Douglas S36587G52b ChemistryD.S.Frame @ leeds.ac.ukPC Service Leader
Gray, Miss Lucy330863.27 ChemistryL.V.Gray @ leeds.ac.ukPA to Pro-Deans/Director of FGS and Astbury Centre
Hainsworth, Dr Tim J351638.205 Physics Research DeckT.J.Hainsworth @ leeds.ac.ukUnix Systems Administrator
Harlen, Dr Oliver G351899.07 School of MathematicsO.G.Harlen @ leeds.ac.ukPro-Dean for Research and Innovation
Hayler, Mrs Anne334298.51 EC Stoner - PhysicsA.Hayler @ leeds.ac.ukEducation Service Functional Manager (Quality Assurance)
He, Mrs Pan346323.18 ChemistryP.S.He @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Senior Finance Clerk
Hill, Mr Peter R389833.23 ChemistryP.R.Hill @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Research Support Officer
Holdsworth, Mr Nicholas J319403.18 ChemistryN.J.Holdsworth @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Finance Officer
Iqbal, Mr M Nasser333883.19b ChemistryM.N.Iqbal @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Management Accountant
Johnstone, Mr Lee375953.25 ChemistryL.Johnstone @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Research Support Administrator
Jukes, Mrs Janet339773.19b ChemistryJ.Jukes @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Management Accountant
Kay,  Marianne365988.205 Physics Research DeckM.Kay @ leeds.ac.ukWeb CMS Officer
Langton, Dr Kate P36503G.61f ChemistryK.P.Langton @ leeds.ac.ukInnovation Manager
Lee, Mr Jerry A302743.24 Chemistryj.lee @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Facilities Manager
Lewis, Mrs Kelly300953.28 ChemistryK.Lewis @ adm.leeds.ac.ukFaculty HR Officer
Mackintosh, Mrs Janet E Z351913.22 ChemistryJ.E.Z.Mackintosh @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Research Manager
McLean, Mr Christopher J383018.205 Physics Research DeckC.J.McLean @ leeds.ac.ukLinux Systems Manager
Moore, Miss Caroline S391203.28 ChemistryC.S.Moore @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty HR Officer
Oakley, Ms Jennifer A334298.51 EC Stoner - PhysicsJ.A.Heaton @ leeds.ac.ukEducation Service Functional Manager (Quality Assurance)
Patel, Mr Mansukh338318.205 Physics Research DeckM.Patel @ leeds.ac.ukIT Systems Support Officer
Patel, Mr Shahid D36028G52b ChemistryS.D.Patel @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty IT Technician
Powell, Ms Louise31410169 Electronic & Electrical EngineeringL.E.Powell @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Student Education Services Manager
Pugh, Dr Samantha L329851.68 ChemistryS.L.Pugh @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Student Education Enhancement Officer
Rathore, Mr Rajesh S389843.23 ChemistryR.S.Rathore @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Research Support Officer
Ridley, Mr Jamie G32765G.34 ChemistryJ.Ridley @ leeds.ac.ukDigital Learning Support Intern
Rye, Ms Annmarie352543.21 ChemistryA.Rye @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Employability & Enhancements Officer
Scott, Prof Stephen351483.19a ChemistryS.K.Scott @ leeds.ac.ukDean of Faculty of MAPS
Shaw, Mrs Marie J364033.25 ChemistryM.J.Shaw @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Research Support Officer
Sweetland, Miss Ruth H329783.26 ChemistryR.H.Sweetland @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty Strategy Project Manager
Tapley, Dr Kelvin N367321.30 ChemistryK.Tapley @ leeds.ac.ukPro-Dean for Student Education
Taylor, Mr Steve36493G52b ChemistryS.Taylor @ leeds.ac.ukPC Service Manager
Tierney, Mr Chris J39592G52b ChemistryC.J.Tierney @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty IT Technician
Whitworth, Mrs Maggie A318101.12 Lifton VillasM.A.Whitworth @ adm.leeds.ac.ukFaculty Procurement Manager
Whitworth, Miss Gemma32142/302573.24 ChemistryG.Whitworth @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty H&S Manager
Wilkins, Dr Simon A330393.26 ChemistryS.A.Wilkins @ leeds.ac.ukFaculty R&I Development Manager
Wood, Mrs Rhea P389813.18 ChemistryR.Wood @ leeds.ac.uk Faculty Finance Assistant