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The Faculty holds the Athena SWAN Bronze Award which recognises our commitment to providing equality for women in mathematics and science

Dr Alison Voice
Director of Student Education
Senior Lecturer in Physics
School of Physics and Astronomy

I am a senior lecturer in physics with particular responsibility to oversee all our student education. This is a very exciting and fulfilling role as it encompasses research and teaching, and allows me to develop our provision for students so they are ready to begin their own successful careers. 

A scientific career in academia covers a very wide range of activities. It affords a good deal of autonomy, allowing you to develop your interests and skills, working with students, local staff, and people from all round the world, providing intellectual satisfaction and curiosity. Day to day there is great flexibility in managing your time, and this fits very well with having a family. 

The University has been very supportive in helping me manage my career, both in terms of providing training and support for career progression, and in terms of helping me adjust my responsibilities around taking maternity leave twice. With email, off-campus login facilities, the Student Virtual Learning Environment etc. it is very easy to fit work around other such commitments. 

My greatest achievement is to have secured a job with such academic fulfilment, engagement with students and researchers alike, and with such flexibility in working arrangements. My advice to any woman considering a scientific career in academia is to go for it. Students need more female role models. And the variety of skills needed in the job; organisation, multitasking, planning, clarity, empathy, fair treatment, etc. are ones at which most women excel.