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Charlotte de Drouas
BSc Nutrition (industrial)
Research and Leadership Scholar
Industrial Placement student

My passion for nutrition definitely stems from the growing trends and interests on how people’s diets play a huge role in their health and well-being. I myself am cautious of my own diet, and with all the conflicting information presented to us through the media and various ‘studies’, I wanted once and for all to be able to learn about this subject matter and be equipped with the right knowledge to make an impact on others and educate them on attaining the right balance in their diets.  

Studying Nutrition at the University of Leeds presents you not only with the chance to gain a quality education, but, by being a research-intensive University, you also have the chance to take part in their research activities, enhancing your experience here.

Research and Leadership Scholarship
I have been awarded a scholarship to carry out research in the summer which was really interesting for me as I got to see another side of the world of science. I found out about the undergraduate research and leadership scholarship through one of my lecturers who introduced it to me. It encompasses the title of being a student ambassador for two years and also carrying out scientific research of my own choosing during two summers of my undergraduate degree.

Filming for the BBC
I was involved in some filming for the BBC as they came to our school to film an episode for a show called Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I was invited as one of the students to be on the show as I am one of the schools’ student ambassadors. It was a really exciting experience; we recreated the first wheat flake according to the first patent of Dr John Harvey Kellogg. It was a nervous experience being in front of the camera, but in retrospect it was really fun working with other, more experienced students, and I learnt more about wheat and the processing of it.

Industrial Placement
I had a brilliant experience throughout my time at Kellogg’s; never would I have imagined learning so much within one year as a placement student. Looking back, I have grown and developed a lot throughout the year. Today I am a much more confident person, willing to challenge myself with new things. I am grateful to have worked with such an excellent team at Kellogg’s, always surrounded with passion, motivation and a hunger to learn. I appreciate how I was given real projects which had an impact on the business. I got a real flavour of what it is like to work as a nutritionist in industry, and it was truly a rewarding experience. I was welcomed into the company and felt like an essential part of the team, making a real difference during my time there.

It was a challenging, but enriching experience and I wish for all students to take on an industrial placement year and to have as fruitful an experience as I did.